Loads of new stuff!

Loads of new stuff!

Busy Busy Busy! 

We have loads of news! 10 new bath bomb scents, new soaps loaf scents, a new monthly deal, our Facebook group and obviously the Faire link for £300 free! 

Cramming all that in there lets have a break down on all this amazingness! 

10 new scents in bath bombs, we will be drip feeding you these over the next couple of months, some being released early for Fathers Day. We can tell you some now! we have The Boss (Boss Orange dupe) if you've had the whip, soap or soap sponge you know its amazing. We've had to add the bath bomb to the set, just had too! Next, another strong scent Tattoo, a very masculine scent (Diesel Tattoo dupe) one of our Fathers Day specials what the Top Dad will be in this year. These are the only two your getting for now!!! 

Soap Loaves, we have gone for this amazing luxurious soap base Shea and Oatmeal with a soft exfoliant :) Scents to be revealed but you will not be disappointed. 

Our monthly deal on the way up to Fathers Day will be on all Boss products! Another underrated scent we offer and one of my favourites. A masculine Oriental accord opening with fresh clean notes of lemon and apple spiced with pepper and coriander, cardamom and lavender. This is on a white floral heart supported on a fond of patchouli vanilla and incense, rock rose and oak. 

Don't forget to join our Scentish Wholesale Facebook Group, come and say hi and share you're tips and videos. All information is on there as well for our Faire link for the £300 free products. You need to create and account using our link to be able to get the £300 free.