About Us - Scentish Wholesale

In 2019, we started making bath bombs and shower whips from our kitchen, and since then have grown to become one of the UK's leading bath bomb and cosmetics wholesaler, supplying thousands of products every day to retailers and resellers around the UK and Europe. We have expanded our range since then, and now create wholesale bath bombs, soap products, hair care, body care and home fragrance, all handmade right here in the UK from our factory in Lancashire.

What makes us different?

We have several different ethics we stick to in our business that enables us to create great products. We base all our products off these ethics to create amazing wholesale bath bombs, shower and body products and home fragrance goodies. Here's some key areas we focus on when developing and manufacturing any product. 

100% Vegan Wholesale Cosmetics

Every product we make, is 100% Vegan. Unlike some products on the market that try to be 100% Vegetarian, we aim to make every product 100% vegan, using vegan and plant based alternatives to other ingredients on the market. Not only does this give the product better qualities, but with more people going Vegan, opens up our wholesale cosmetic to a wider audience. 

Natural Ingredients Wholesale Cosmetics

Where possible, we aim to use as much natural ingredients as possible in our products. With most products being at least 90% natural. Where 100% natural is not possible, we use safe synthetic ingredients, used commonly in cosmetics and safety approved by our Chartered Chemist. Sometimes because of this, you'll get the natural aroma of ingredients, like Cocoa Butter, giving you a subtle, sweet natural chocolate smell, adding to the scent of the products. 

Ethically Sourced Ingredients for Wholesale Cosmetics

We source our products from companies who share our ethics, which means practically all our ingredients are from sustainable farms, organic where possible, having labour standards, and helping generate sustainable wealth in countries around the world. 

Against Animal Cruelty

This one is just simple. We are Against Animal Cruelty. Always. We love animals, we would never do anything to harm them. 

Recyclable PackagingWhere possible, we try to avoid using plastics, unfortunately in this market to keep things fresh for longer for our wholesalers, we have to use plastics on some products. Even our packaging chips are biodegradable, made from rice and can be used again or simply run under water and dissolved. However, where we do use plastics, they are always recyclable, and in some cases compostable. We're making a conscious effort to reduce our plastic usage all the time, and hope to be one day 100% plastic free. 

Fair Pricing Wholesale Cosmetics

One of our key focuses when designing and creating products is how affordable they are. We don't want create products that are too expensive for the customer but also too expensive wholesale so you can't make your money up as a reseller, after all, we're all in business to succeed. This is why we factor in everything above when creating new products, to make sure that they are priced reasonably, fairly and affordably using the different ingredients and packaging options. Some things will never change though, like being 100% Vegan, Against Animal Cruelty and Sourcing Ethical Ingredients, they will always remain at the forefront of product design. 

We look forward to working with you

If these kind of things are what you're looking from for a wholesale bath bomb and cosmetics partner, where products are handmade in the UK, sticking to all the ethics and practices we work to, then we look forward to working with you, whether it be your first order or just looking for a reliable wholesale bath bomb company. Our minimum order is just £75 plus VAT, and our standard lead time during regular periods is just 3-5 working days, so you can get your business going almost straight away, or keep it flowing with no disruption. 

Looking for more than just wholesale?

We also offer a true, private label contract manufacturing service, either working to your recipes or ours, to supply your retail or ecommerce business with large volumes of products so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. For more info on contract manufacturing please email wholesale@thesoapshack.co.uk